Our approach

To help us work in harmony with our vision and values, we developed a unique approach called the "Pillars of Support."


The foundation is based on the family or individual's culture, strengths, preferences and community support system. Everything we do to help is based on these crucial elements.

The pillars themselves each represent an important area of our health and wellbeing. The stronger each pillar, the better we all are able to hold up against the challenges of life.

Pillars of Support



The essence of hope is a belief in a better future. Hope helps you discover who you are, and provides the volition to drive forward and meet your goals. When hope is weak, so are all the other pillars.




Meaningful relationships are essential for everyone. We all need at least one person with whom we can share our thoughts, dreams, experiences, fears and hopes. This is the basis of our support system, and without some positive, supportive relationships, we all struggle.




Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

The link between physical and emotional health is important, but often under-recognized. Each of us needs adequate sleep, good nutrition, exercise and medical care in order to be at our best and have the energy to do all the great things in life that we need and want to do. Becoming free from addictive substances is also a vital part of wellbeing.



Learning to do things and becoming good at them helps us feel useful and have something to be proud of. Skills help us contribute to our community in a meaningful way, earn a living, and help us navigate the world around us and thrive within it.


Enjoyable activities

When family members struggle, the quality of life for each individual member suffers. Enjoyable activities are often the first thing that get eliminated when someone suffers from an illness, whether emotional, mental or physical. But enjoyable activities are what make life worth living. They add the color to our world that makes life vibrant and meaningful. It is important to balance our lives between responsibilities and enjoyment. Achieving this balance will provide a sense of emotional wellbeing and increase our enjoyment and quality of life. When this area improves, many of the other areas often do as well.