When a young person is struggling to fit in, to figure out who he wants to be or what role he wants to play in his community, a mentoring relationship can be a huge benefit. If you have a teen at home that seems lost or unsure of himself, you might worry about who will end up influencing him the most. Maybe you, as a parent, are struggling with your responsibilities. You worry about whether you are being the best parent you can be for your children.

How CFSS Can Help

If your child struggles to fit in at school, you are probably concerned about how he will learn to make friends. He might be starting to turn down a road that scares you or hanging out with kids whose values and behaviors don’t match what you want for your child. The feeling of losing control over your child and his choices can be scary and leave you wondering what to do next.

Your child could benefit from the support and guidance of a positive mentor. Sometimes a parent’s influence in a young person’s life just isn’t enough. It doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong, but another adult can make an impact and help your child learn how to become a productive and fulfilled member of society.

As a parent you may also benefit from working with a mentor. Parenthood isn’t easy. There are many learned skills involved and it takes years to master the art of raising children. If you are feeling lost or helpless as a parent and wish you could be doing more, consider mentorship. We can match you with a seasoned parent who will guide you and model positive parenting skills that you can use at home.

The CFSS Difference


A mentoring relationship is a positive way for anyone to learn. A young person can learn to make good choices and to become a contributor to society. He can even learn important skills that will put him on the path to a career or further education. Young parents working with a mentor can learn to be better at the important job of raising kids. At CFSS we offer these mentoring relationships, something you won’t find in a traditional therapeutic setting.

When you work with CFSS we will get to know you and your child and your unique needs. We will work with you to come up with a multi-faceted plan of action to help you, including matching you with a mentor. For your child we consider his existing skills and strengths as well as his interests to select a mentor who will be able to guide him in a positive way.

Get in Touch with CFSS

Working with CFSS and a mentor is a great way to bring about positive changes in your life and in your child and your family. Contact us to get started with an assessment and an action plan. We serve the areas of FlagstaffPhoenix, the Prescott Valley and Tucson. Payment for CFSS counseling services can be made through public or private insurance plans or with private funding.