Medication/Psychiatry Services


If you have a young child or teen who is acting out in ways that make her unhappy, and that disrupt her life at home and at school, you might feel at a loss as to how to help her. Sometimes these issues that you and your family are facing are related to an underlying condition. At CFSS we can help you and your child to discover the root cause of her difficulties and support her in learning to live a more productive and fulfilling life.

How CFSS Can Help

With a teen or child struggling with her emotions and behaviors, you probably worry about her on a daily basis. She may behave in ways at school that cause her to get in trouble with teachers or that prevent her from developing friendships with other students. You may experience troubling disruptions at home too. Maybe she starts fights with her siblings or displays signs of depression or mood swings.

We offer a variety of services that support individuals and families struggling with just these issues, including medical and psychiatric interventions. These terms may sound scary, but if we can help you and your child pinpoint her unique needs, our trained and caring professionals can help. Sometimes the condition underlying a child’s behaviors and moods can be improved with medication. Our doctors and nurse practitioners only prescribe as much as is needed to make a child feel better.

The CFSS Difference


The services we provide for you and your child are different from what you will find anywhere else. Our professionals work with you as a part of our team to discover what is behind your child’s feelings and behaviors. Together we create a plan for supporting her, based on her individual needs and your needs as a family.

We won’t just focus on your child’s negative behaviors or sit her in a room with a psychiatrist to talk. We look through her behaviors to see what is causing them and then act on a plan. If her needs include psychiatric evaluation and medication, we can provide those in a caring and supportive environment and will be ready to answer all your questions and concerns. If your child is more comfortable working with us in your home, we will come to you.

Get in Touch with CFSS

Start working with CFSS to help your child be the best she can be. Contact us to get started with an assessment and an action plan. We serve the areas of FlagstaffPhoenix, the Prescott Valley and Tucson. Payment for CFSS counseling services can be made through public or private insurance plans or with private funding.