Individual Counseling

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Where do Counseling and Therapy Services for Children, Teens and Couples Take Place?

Our counseling and therapy services are normally provided in the home, school or community, however office settings are available if preferred.
Counseling services are available at the times needed most by children, teens and families, which may include evenings or weekends.

What Types of Counseling Do We Provide?

We provide a very active approach to counseling, which means we normally do not only sit and talk, especially with younger children and teens. Instead, we may engage in a variety of activities through which the counseling process may occur and the challenging behaviors may be addressed.

In addition to counseling services, we also offer the following services in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area:
Assessment Services to help figure out what is happening and create a plan to move forward. (Take advantage of our free consultation offer today!)
Behavior Support/Mentoring Services to bridge the gap between today’s behavior concerns and tomorrow’s bright future.

Does it work?

While every children, teen and family is unique and each situation is different, we have helped thousands find hope and success through effective counseling and other support services.
We have helped young people that others said couldn’t be helped to live a fulfilling life and make meaningful contributions to their communities. We have seen teens who others thought were dangerous end up volunteering safely at community centers and mowing neighbors lawns to earn money. We have seen young adults who others believed could never live successfully outside of an institution go on to start their own businesses, proving the masses wrong about their limitations and potential.
Our approach works so well, that many states in the United States are being sued in class action lawsuits on the behalf of children not receiving effective behavioral healthcare, demanding that providers in their state start offering the types of successful and supportive home and community-based services we provide.
Each day brings new challenges, so through partnering together, families and individuals develop the skills and approaches that will help them be successful long after CFSS is out of their lives.

What if things do not seem to be going better?

Support services that have not yet helped as fully as they can mean we need to modify our approach together. With meaningful input from all the key people, especially from the parents, guardians and others important in your life, we work together to define what success will look like and how to get there. And then we’ll get to work to accomplish the plan and make further adjustments along the way to ensure we get the best results possible. You will have access to a supervisor at all times to express any concerns, worries, or ideas.

Who will work with us?

CFSS has a team of trained and experienced behavioral health technicians, mentors and counselors. We will find the best possible match for your family, both in terms of personality and skill.

Who oversees the counseling work? Who will I talk to?

Services are supervised by licensed professionals and program managers who care deeply about the work with your family. They will help coordinate the care your family receives and will be available to speak with you to help coordinate the supportive services you receive.

Where and when will the counseling services take place?

Life doesn’t happen in 45-minute chunks of time in a far-off office space. Neither do our counseling services. In most situations, our talented team comes to you, in your home and in your community.
We work with you when and where you need our support. Our counseling services may be scheduled during the times you need and prefer it most, including early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays. We place no arbitrary limits on the times we are available to provide counseling services.

What happens if we have a crisis?

An on-call professional is a phone call away. When a crisis arises, as they are bound to do, we are there to help work through it with you.

Is your agency licensed?

CFSS is a licensed behavioral health outpatient services provider in Arizona.

What types of payment do you accept for counseling services?

Our self-pay counseling services are not enrolled directly with any private insurance plans. At your request, we can provide you with counseling claims forms and receipts for services you believe may be covered as out-of-network mental health benefits. It would then be up to you to file the counseling claims with your insurance company and seek reimbursement.
We accept all major credit cards
We accept most major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. We also accept PayPal. We do not accept checks or cash. All services must be paid at the time of service either by placing a payment source on file to use for each service or by completing payment online or by phone prior to the appointment.
All payments are handled by our administrative staff rather than by the direct service providers who work with your family. We want to be sure our service providers are free to concentrate on helping support your family rather than needing to collect payments.

What are the benefits of Private Payment counseling services?

Because you are in control of the payment for services, you get to determine how much and for how long you need counseling services from CFSS without regulation by an insurance company or governmental agency. This is a freedom some people enjoy so much, they choose to pay for services privately rather than process it through their insurance company, even when they have insurance.
No prior approval from any other entity is required. No qualification, no waiting and no red tape mean you can receive services sooner and not later.
Privacy — your insurance company will not have a record of any personal behavioral health counseling information from us. Therefore, this information will not be able to be used by them to affect decisions about future coverage or benefits.

Is it worth the cost?

You can’t buy happiness…but in making the investment in services from CFSS, you have a better shot at achieving your goals, fulfillment, and happiness. When compared with the average cost of out-of-home treatment centers and hospitals, home-based support services are a great value. This savings is compounded when you consider the future cost savings if you can avoid years of unsuccessful, intensive, out-of-home treatment.
Here is a comparison of the value of CFSS Self-Payment Services compared with out-of-home treatment

  •  6 months at an out-of-home treatment center, including therapy and counseling services = $108,000 (national average)
  • 6 months of in-home support services, including counseling = $18,900 (cost may vary based on intensity of service)
  • We have found that the investment in home-based support service may eliminate the need for out-of-home treatment services, saving you the larger sums of money required for those types of placements.
  • Unfortunately, many families find that they end up not seeing the results they are hoping for from other forms of counseling, therapy and out-of-home treatment centers and later send their child for repeated or extended treatment stays, further disrupting the family being together and magnifying the total cost of care significantly.

What is the cost of counseling for children, teens and couples?


  • Initial Assessment/Evaluation: Free consultationSpecial offer available for a limited time!
  • Individual Counseling Services (Master’s level):$120/hr plus $25 per round trip