Counseling Services

Relationship difficulties can affect anyone. Whether you’re married or not, you and your partner may sometimes go through some rough patches. Maybe you fight more than seems normal or you can’t seem to agree on goals for your future. If you’re struggling in your relationship and wondering how you can possibly make it work, CFSS counseling services can help.

How CFSS Can Help

Having a strained relationship affects all areas of your life. If your partner is struggling with depression or anxiety, he may take it out on you. If you are feeling lost in life and aren’t sure what your future holds, it could be making your partner feel as if she isn’t making you happy. These problems leak into other parts of your life and may make you feel stressed, unable to sleep or unable to focus at work.

Whatever the issues that are disrupting your relationship and your life, CFSS can help by providing caring and individualized counseling with licensed and experienced professionals. You may not even know what the issues are, or what underlies your relationship troubles, but we can help you get to the bottom of it. We will then work together with you to craft a plan for counseling that meets your unique needs as two individuals and as a partnership.


The CFSS Difference

Finding a relationship counselor is easy, but finding a team of professionals that can really help you make positive changes is more difficult. At CFSS we offer a different kind of service from the usual counseling or therapy. We will work with you to identify your problems and then to create a unique plan that works for both of you.

Instead of focusing on negative behaviors in your relationship, we look underneath those behaviors and find the real issues at work. Then we provide support and an action plan to make real changes. This means we don’t just work in an office and talk about your problems. We will come to you and work with you in your home, in your community or wherever you feel most comfortable and need the most help.

Get in Touch with CFSS

Working with CFSS is your next step toward making positive changes in your relationship and in your life. Contact us to get started with an assessment and an action plan. We serve the areas of FlagstaffPhoenix, the Prescott Valley, and Tucson.
Payment for CFSS counseling services can be made through public or private insurance plans or with private funding.