CFSS Executive Leadership


Tim Penrod: Chief Executive Officer

Tim Penrod is one of the founders of CFSS and its original CEO. Prior to helping create CFSS, Tim worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Systems of Care Coordinator, Child Protective Services Specialist, a Direct Support Worker in the Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health systems, and a teacher in the education system. An Arizona native, Tim now lives in Colorado and is active in family responsibilities and community service. Music is a passion, and Tim plays a variety of musical instruments, including piano, guitar, trumpet and drums, and he composes and produces music. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Arizona, Tim also has Master's Degrees in Business Administration and Marriage and Family Therapy. Tim and his wife, Kathy, are the parents of five wonderful children. Follow Tim on Twitter @timpenrod or on Linked In.


Marcia Pinter: Chief Operating Officer

Marcia Pinter is one of CFSS's founders. She has a background in juvenile justice and elementary education, as well as experience working in the behavioral health system. Marcia was involved in the original 300 Kids Project in Arizona, was a Child and Family Team facilitator and worked as a System of Care Developer. Marcia is uniquely passionate about family and youth involvement and supporting them in positively influencing their partnership with agencies and systems. Marcia grew up in Colorado, but has lived in Arizona most of her adult life. She has two amazing children.


Steve Watson: Chief Financial Officer

Steve Watson graduated in 2002 from Brigham Young University with a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Finance. After graduation, he worked for a couple of years for Clopay Building Products as an accountant and financial analyst. In 2004, Steve was promoted to Director of Finance of Clopay Plastic Products’ subsidiary in Brazil. He relocated his young family (wife and 5-month-old baby) to Brazil and enjoyed five wonderful years of working and living in Brazil. In fact, two of Steve’s sons were born in Brazil. In 2009, Steve had a yearning to return to the States. He accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer at Child & Family Support Services, where he has been able to demonstrate how creative financial decision-making can help support children and families to successfully reach their dreams. Steve lives in Queen Creek, AZ with his wife and children. Steve is a certified CPA. Follow Steve on Linked In.


Matt Pierce: Chief Clinical Officer

Matt has had the fortunate opportunity to work with children and families in a variety of different capacities. Matt has been involved in myriad community development initiatives, and has experience as a case manager, clinician, supervisor, agency director and as a system clinical administrator. He has written a variety of curricula and training materials on the facilitation of child and family teams, the theory and practical components of implementing a positive behavioral approach, and how to deliver creative, individualized interventions to young people and families with complex needs. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Mesa State College in Grand Junction Colorado, and his Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from the University of Phoenix. Matt currently holds the position of Chief Clinical Officer at CFSS. During his spare time Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, Riley and Teo.


Troy Bailey: Chief Business Officer

Troy brings his vast experience with supporting children and families to CFSS as the Chief Business Officer. He has been a developer of diverse community-based programs across the country, including direct support, outpatient and in-home services. He is a strong advocate for children, young adults and families involved in the behavioral health, child welfare and juvenile justice systems. In the early days of the JK settlement in Maricopa County, Troy was an innovative leader and helped develop many creative and impactful programs for children and families. Troy most recently served as the CEO of a behavioral health agency in the Virginia/D.C. area.